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“Guten Abend Fran! I hope you are finally allowing yourself some time for rest and recuperation after yet another hectic week. As always we are collectively blown away by your ability to juggle so many roles, both as superboss of a thriving buisness and as a mum. At the risk of bothering you on a friday night, I needed to express how incredibly grateful I am for the opportunity I have been given with Ruru. This company is clearly exceptional and I will never take it for granted.

You took a chance in hiring me with such limited carpentry experience (my skydiving abilities are yet to prove useful) and I am determined to repay that faith with diligence and enthusiasm. You have provided us all with the knowledge, support and resources required to evolve every step of the way and gone miles above the expected norm in terms of creating an environment that myself, and the other junior builders feel comfortable to ask questions and learn in.

I have been striving to improve everyday and to have that hard work recognized and rewarded with a suprise pay increase (my first pay rise ever) is validating beyond belief. I feel a sense of pride working for Ruru that I have never felt in other industries and I intend to become the best builder I can be. So on behalf of my self esteem, my bank account, and my future. Kindest Regards, C”

C – ruru staff