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“When the idea of purchasing a Ruru Tiny Home was first put to me by my ex-partner as a living solution I turned my nose up at the idea. I was going from a 7 bedroom home to an empty section on a hill and there was no way I was putting a ‘tiny home’ there. It took me six months to get my head out of my own ass and six seconds to change my mind following a spontaneous visit to Fran and Daniel at Ruru Building.

From the moment I poked my head in the door of a ready to deliver home I realised how wrong I had been. Far from the cramped gypsy caravan idea I had in my head, I discovered that Ruru Homes were surprisingly spacious and modern and really quite stunning inside. But what got me the most was it felt like a home.

That was all I needed. The Ruru is cleverly thought out. It has a full kitchen, full bathroom, a dining and living space plus two bedrooms. It is basically a modern two bedroom apartment that I can move where I like, and importantly in today’s climate it offers a simple turn key living option at ultimately a fraction of the cost of building a new home.

By choice, I went for a composting toilet which I have to say was initially a brief mental challenge, however a friend offered up the viewpoint that in life ‘its important to deal with your own shit’, upon which time I recognised an excellent opportunity for a growth mindset. Fran, Daniel and the team have created something really special with Ruru Homes. From the moment I first spoke with Fran, to this day, I have had nothing but the highest level of communication with the Ruru Team.

They respond to every question or request immediately and I can quite honestly say that they operate with a level of professionalism that I have rarely experienced before. With their drive and professionalism I am certain that Ruru Building will lead the way in a new era of the ‘Tiny Home’ movement.

Having now lived in my Ruru Home for over three months now, I am converted to the benefits of downsizing. It adds a level of simplicity to life, removes a lot of stress and allows you to focus on what’s important. I am grateful daily that this is the choice I made.”
Jack – ruru customer