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owners ruru homes fran and daniel huelsmeyer
Yours truly - Fran and Daniel
owners ruru homes fran and daniel huelsmeyer
our company

meet the owners __

“Our former business, an Eco Lodge, got wiped out by the COVID-19 pandemic, implications within a week in 2020, which was devastating. However, it also gave us the amazing opportunity to create a completely new company from scratch, with the right values, setup and goals implemented right from the beginning.

>>> Ruru Homes: A sustainable and ethical business, that values every team member individually, creating a trustworthy, high quality and useful product as a result.”

Yours truly - Fran and Daniel
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ruru homes office for tiny homes on wheels
We are a team
our ethics

our core values __

“When it comes to ruru homes company ethics, paying our staff a desirable amount of hourly wages or salaries is non-negotiable. Politely we have declined the request for an hourly rate in the past, as it was too low for the qualification of the contractor.

Every business needs to make profit, and commitments need to be met, but profit is not the overall, all-consuming goal of ruru. Every business in our opinion should realise that it is crucial to pay their people fairly, and respectfully, without taking advantage of their often desperate need for a regular income.”

We are a team
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the flight of the ruru

our ethics

our ethics __

“A sustainable and ethical business, that values every team member individually, creating a trustworthy, high quality and useful product as a result. If you are unable to pay all your bills at the end of the month, cannot take your children on a holiday, and struggle to get your car repaired, something is not right.

Also, from a plain business perspective, we do ourselves a huge favor to ensure our team is happy, positive, looked after and gives all of their dedication into the products. We want them to stay with us long term. As we replicate our tiny home designs, the better trained, and valued, and appreciated our team is, the faster they can build tiny homes, the better for the overall success of the company.

Often with goosebumps I will explain to customers that many of our team have lost their jobs through COVID-19 and are now working full time, with a permanent perspective with us. At ruru homes, every staff member is part of the company, and responsible for us to fly.”

tell us more about your goals? __

“Initially, our hopes and aim was to build and sell six ruru homes per year. We have in fact sold nine in the first six weeks of advertising a finished product. From four staff members, we have now grown to 20 people working on the homes in just 8 weeks, and we are still growing.

Our “office” started as a one-lady-show with a laptop and is now 6 people working on desks, in a 2 bedroom house repurposed as the ruru homes workspace. The demand and feedback on our products have been overwhelmingly positive.”

how about job opportunities? __

“At ruru homes, you don’t apply for a job opportunity for us, we apply to you. We have references available, if you like to talk to one of our people what it’s like to work for us. The Directors can promise you a lot, but if you chat to the team, you’ll get to understand the real deal. “

“We value our team, and contractors, and everyone contributing to the success of this company. We work together on the “flight of the ruru” and everyone is a part of it. We have no interest in minimum wage, or the lowest hourly rates possible, at ruru homes we care!”

can you describe the workflow? __

“We don’t like our team being stressed, pressured or living in fear of losing their job just because they’re sick for a couple of days, or longer. We know our mental and physical health are closely connected and with a healthy work environment and good company ethics are a major part of personal wellbeing. We love our team, men and women from all over the world waving the hammers and smashing it out on the yard.

It is crucial for ruru homes to have enough people on board to ensure a healthy and happy workflow, cover for sick leave and holidays, and days where you wake and two of your four children have a fever, your partner has an appointment in town and you simply can’t pull yourself in two. We value families and their needs as we are one, and are approachable as a whole, and not against each other.”

what about the products? __

“The other very important pillar for us at ruru homes, apart from the team, is the product. We pride ourselves to give 150% of everything into our ruru homes, every day, in every task. Professionally designed and well thought through, we work with local suppliers and companies only, we don’t do any cheap imports, and no prefabricated modular parts are being used in our homes.

We meet and greet each and every single nail going into our ruru homes personally, cross check quality, work on improvements, question our designs constantly and thrive to establish an outstanding excellence in quality.”

what can you expect as a client? __

“At ruru homes we don’t do open homes. Instead, we schedule a consultation with each client personally, and allow an hour for it at least. There is so much to consider, discuss, explain and talk through. Also, so many questions, for individual situations, that we don’t rush things! We had clients who returned three, four times to view or simply sit in a finished space to inhale the size and space and energy of our builds.

Whatever you need to decide on your ruru – we are supporting it. We take transparency and honesty very, very serious. No hidden costs, no unexpected changes, no secrets. ruru homes have a clear answer to any of your questions, so please be encouraged to ask us!”

what makes ruru homes a sustainable business? __

“At ruru homes, we believe in buying our material locally. Losing one business to COVID-19 has underlined again how important it is to think about where your cashflow goes, and where profits end up. Our steel platforms for our ruru homes  are made right here in Motueka, we use a local supplier (NZ owned and operated) for materials.

The windows are made locally in Nelson and the roofing comes from Christchurch. A full list of our suppliers is available on request, we are just an email or phone call away! Locally sourced, built and operated.“

what is your vision for the future? __

“The ruru is flying and we are hoping to keep creating a good number of jobs. We have huge goals for the future, and see huge potential in our business, which is why everyone at ruru homes gives all and everything into it, together. Come into the office, we would love to meet you!”

ruru interior design walls tiny home on wheels
Small is seen
our vision

ruru homes, endless possibilities __

We believe it is crucial to be in active conversation with people who make decisions. We do not complain or demand help or support.

We listen, we talk, and we step up and offer solutions, present ideas and are eager to put opportunities out to those who might use them, at the right time, and the right place.

Small is seen
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ruru back seats
ruru homes makes sure 'small' is being seen

vision for the future

small and legal home villages __

We are working with landowners, clients, consent planners and the Tasman District Council, we are developing multiple opportunities for small home developments in the region. These will likely be based on a land lease – home ownership situation enabling ruru home owners to lease land that has the necessary consents for resource and building, and all relevant services onsite.

These opportunities will allow people to live safely and fully legal in their ruru homes. It is a work in progress so please be patient and understand that further details are yet to be confirmed.

purpose built solutions __

Our small homes/relocatable homes can be fully designed to the required specifications. From workers accommodation for orchards to holiday park baches, to potentially purpose built MIQ facilities – the opportunities are endless. Repetition* is key, so if you think about a multiple dwelling design for small and relocatable homes, talk to us for a custom ruru homes design.

* minimum number of houses being purpose built is 6

rental income on your land __

Landowners looking for rental income without wanting to be building a dwelling have the option to allow ruru homes clients to place their tiny home on their land.

Depending on the intended use (temporary/permanent) this may require additional consent applications to Council, which are not a problem at all, they just need to be addressed (if any).

If interested, please fill in the Landshare Form on the bottom of this page.

private investors sought __

The housing market in NZ is tense, and banks are not always happy to support young families, or people who don’t own their land. The interest rates on money sit very low at the moment so ruru homes is happily getting clients and keen investors in touch who might want to support someone at the start of the ownership ladder with a private loan for fair interest rates – that will still be higher than what the banks currently offer.

tiny home village proposal plans ruru homes
Licensed Building Practitioner - Ruru Homes Certified
Licensed Building Practitioner - Ruru Homes Certified

it is never optional __

We pride ourselves at ruru homes in providing extra great finishing touches, for example Skirting, Architraves, Scotia, Siliconed edges, pure perfection to the last bit. Every ruru leaves the yard after two internal quality checks are performed after finishing, before it is even presented to the customer.

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Once you receive your ruru home, it is perfect!

ruru homes quality standards

timber framing of tiny home on wheels at ruru homes

living in timber __

Our homes are timber framed. We believe in the fact that living in timber is a much better feeling than living in steel. Timber is a natural product, and we use NZ grown douglas fir for our builds, only. Our outside cladding is NZ grown pine and our inside lining is also NZ made plywood, sourced and manufactured at the West Coast of NZ.

framing and wind paper design on tiny home on wheels ruru homes

warm __

We pride ourselves in building homes, that come with the full convenience of daily life’s needs. Therefore, we use high end insulation under, over and in the walls. Also, our double glazed windows are made in Nelson, as we consciously avoid imports and support local.

builder with nail gun building tiny home on wheels at ruru homes

experts only __

We want you to be safe in your ruru. Therefore, our electrical wiring and installations, gasfitting, and fireplace installations are all carried out by certified tradesmen only. You get the signed paperwork with your delivery, plus all homes come with an LPG, carbon monoxide and smoke alarms.

basin design and interior of a tiny home on wheels at ruru homes

real size __

We build homes, on a tiny footprint. For us that means we do not compromise the convenience of real size appliances. For example, we don’t do tiny hand basins, but 900mm wide vanity units. We don’t do double cooktops, we do 4 burner gas stoves, with 600mm wide electric (or gas) ovens. How convenient!

bench top kitchen design on tiny home on wheels ruru homes

last longer __

The products we choose, the materials we use and the people we work with are great. Long lasting, high end, experienced. This mix gives our customers the reassurance that our products will last, as an enjoyable and reliable tiny residence.

double glazed window design on tiny home on wheels ruru homes

healthy home __

There is a reason for healthy home standards. So why would you compromise this in a tiny space. At ruru homes, all homes come with extractor fans and significant window space to allow sufficient airflow. This will keep your house and yourself dry, and safe.

solar ready offgrid ready ruru homes tiny homes on wheels

solar ready __

All of our ruru homes are future proofed. They come with all required wiring and conduits in the walls that is needed to easily change from on-grid to off-grid. Bring on the panels, batteries and inverter of your choice – the ruru has easy connection points on the roof to make your change of lifestyle (in either direction) easy as.

lights and LED strips design on tiny home on wheels ruru homes

so bright __

Each ruru leaves the yard turnkey ready. All walls come with preinstalled LED lightings that are very power efficient, run easily on off-grid situations and make a wonderful light – ambient but still bright enough to work, without an artificial feeling.

save it, spend it wisely __

All rurus come with a 16l Rinnai Gas Califont to heat the kitchen and shower areas. Gas is an easy setup and versatile for any location. You can use it on grid, and off grid, and it feeds your hob – easy as.

ruru homes tiny footprint and sustainable
supporting local

licence holder of New Zealand Made ® __

The Kiwi trademark is a trusted brand, globally recognised by consumers as a label depicting NZ Made products. The trademark signifies that a product or service is New Zealand Made according to the rules of the Fair Trading Act.

As a registered trademark, it has a strict set of rules (Code of Practice) governing how it can be used. Products must be registered with BNZM and must meet the criteria in the Code of Practice to use the trademark.

licence number 807246

New Zealand Made, was established in 1988. When any product carry the registered Kiwi trademark, all customers can be confident that the country of origin is New Zealand.

native bush and design of tiny home on wheels ruru homes
landshare project

tiny in Motueka __

Landowners looking for rental income without wanting to be building a dwelling technically have the option to allow people to place their ruru small home on their land.

>>> We endeavor to connect landowners with small home owners and future ruru clients to support land lease/home ownership opportunities.

landshare form
ruru landshare project

submit your interest __

There is no costs involved with this registration and ruru homes does not charge any fees for this service. Your details are of course private and kept confidential. Enter your information and we’ll get in touch to discuss your options, no obligations, just a conversation and a coffee.

landshare project
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