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“At ruru homes we don’t do open homes. Instead, we schedule a consultation with each client personally and allow an hour for it at least. There is so much to consider, discuss, explain and talk through. Also, so many questions, for individual situations, that we don’t rush things!

Did you know, we can also do a virtual tour of our ruru homes, and meetings by using Zoom, please get in touch today!

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ruru homes have a clear answer to any of your questions

>>> See our most common questions and answers in this help section. Still doesn’t see what you are looking for, please contact us using the contact form or give us a call!

Where do you transport to?

Literally, from Cape Reinga to Bluff, anywhere in the country. Ask us for a quote, you will be surprised about the low cost transport we can offer due to the size of the house not requiring a pilot vehicle or extra permits for transport.

What are your delivery times?

We have experienced such a huge demand that we are usually sold out about 6-8 months ahead. Some of our builds aren’t being advertised until they’re well underway so we have a potential ‘buffer’ in case of supply chains or COVID-related implications, which means that sometimes a build pops up on the market extra to that schedule.

As demand and sales are evolving fast, please call us for next availability so we can give you a real time feedback.

How long does it take to build a house?

Our tiny homes, to standard spec, including everything, take exactly 9 weeks per house from arrival of the trailer to day of delivery.

What Materials do you use?

We have disclosed all materials used in our comprehensive PDF Brochure. We obtain a NZ Made Certificate for using predominately NZ Made building materials with very, very few exceptions (e.g. wiring and appliances) but a full list is also disclosed in our brochure. Please talk to us about details, as we pride ourselves in fair employment, fair wages and NZ Made materials which is adding very good karma to your build.

What items can I customize?

At Ruru, we focus on fixed pricing, fixed finishing dates and affordability whilst maintaining the highest quality in products and workmanship. Therefore, we have set out a fairly stern schedule of timeframes and materials being used, to benefit from a stable, well negotiated supply chain and well calculated labour. However, we also want our customers to have some say in their homes, to keep everyone happy.

Therefore, you can customize items like your benchtops, your flooring, appliances, and the size of your shower, you can obviously ask for other alterations early in the process and any custom / individual approach can be reviewed.

There is a standard fee of $632.50 incl. GST for custom changes to cover increased research, admin, supply chain and order efforts and any change of product may incur. Standard options for choices are disclosed in our Specification Forms which you will receive upon confirmation of your purchase interest to discuss with our Client Liaison Manager. If you have other wishes, please just talk to us so we can look into it and let you know if it is achievable.

What toilet can I have?

Any toilet of your choice. There are hundreds of options out there, and achievability and installation also depend on the intended use of the home, and the location, so have a talk to us about composting toilets, incinerating toilets, or flushing toilets – and we’ll work to your preferences!

What do I do with my wastewater?

Depending on the section where you put your tiny home on wheels, there are various options to deal with greywater. This also depends on your existing services, and Council requirements. We usually look at your location and give you individual feedback for solutions and possibilities.

From a consented connection to services to a Septic Tank system, but also small, affordable, and low maintenance tank or filter solutions are available. Please talk to us and we can give you the best solution for your individual location.

What do I do about power?

All homes come with a 16amp Caravan Cable that can be connected to any existing mains power, they are also all off-grid ready so if you wish to run your home on solar instead, that’s no worries.

Please talk to us for a quote from a local solar supply company for a start. You are welcome to source your own electrician for onsite solar installation as well, let’s sit down and discuss your wishes and needs!

Can I insure my Tiny Home?

You absolutely can. Depending on your location, intended use and contents insurance is very affordable. Please contact our partners at AON Motueka for your Ruru insurance quote. Please note, transport insurance is already sorted for you within your transport quote.

Can I obtain a building consent for my Tiny Home?

If you have a section with resource consent for a dwelling, a building consent and / or a certificate of acceptance can be obtained. This strongly depends on your timeframes, budget, and type of house, lead times and what’s already present on the land. Please talk to us to discuss your individual situation and solutions.

What about this tiny home village you’re planning?

We are in the process of sorting out details for a resource consent with the Tasman District Council. Due to the nature of Council Involvement, Reports and Plans required, and various parties being a part of this, it is a slow and lengthy progress but we are pushing forward. We do expect to have more information and details ready by mid 2022.