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Couple takes big punt on tiny homes after tourism business decimated

After the Covid-driven demise of international tourism, Fran and Daniel Huelsmeyer stopped running a lodge and starting building tiny homes. Video first published in January 2021.

“After bookings for their lodge dried up within two weeks of the Covid-19 lockdown, a couple in the Tasman District with three children to raise and bills to pay have started building tiny homes. The first of the 47 square metre homes will be ready for sale on Monday, with a $160,000 price tag. A second home is due for completion in a few weeks while construction on the third is also under way.

Fran and Daniel Huelsmeyer did not believe they had time to wait for a hoped-for recovery in international tourism.

“Ninety-nine per cent of our guests were international visitors,” Fran said of the couple’s Split Apple Lodge and spa business. “For the last four years, we built up the business, and … within two weeks, it was completely wiped out…”

Article Source: Cherie Sivignon Jan 31  2021

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