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We create homes on a tiny footprint! __

ruru homes: From the materials to workmanship, our company values and ethics, to vision and customer service, we pride ourselves in perfection. ruru homes offer high end quality, relocateable, small homes, easily transportable on the road.

We are predominately using NZ made building materials, creating a sustainable footprint in the community, with long term, permanent, above living wage employment opportunities!

licence number: 807246

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our rurus

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NZ Made

3 yrs warranty



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Welcome to the ruru family

our rurus

the ruru


*fixed price, certain delivery dates, turnkey ready

Welcome to the ruru. Let us take you on a tour of our largest home, to explain what makes it so unique. On a 3x10m platform, the ruru offers 45m² living space with full standing height on both levels.

little ruru

the little ruru


*fixed price, certain delivery dates, turnkey ready

Welcome to the little ruru. Funny really that it’s called ‘little’ because it’s still a lot bigger than most of the ‘Tiny Homes’ you can buy. A 3×12 m platform with a 36m² footprint gives you very livable 35m² living space on the inside.

ruru nest

the ruru's nest


*fixed price, certain delivery dates, turnkey ready

the ruru’s nest, built with only the highest quality materials. Use as a Sleep-Out, office, extra bedroom or She-Shed. The nest is Single Story and 12m², Off Grid ready with 2.7m high ceilings. Delivered NZ wide.


small is being seen! __

We are working closely with our community and ruru homes want to make a difference in the future and are excited about where the ruru is ‘flying’. Please read our latest news and join ruru newsletter.

ruru newsletter
ruru newsletter

ruru news

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At ruru homes, we do things right, most importantly we do this as a team!


our company

ruru homes is a small, but very fast growing company creating sustainable homes, relocatable buildings, cabins, baches or whatever you wish to define them as, on a high level for an affordable price. We pride ourselves in high end quality, top class workmanship, clever design and high standards – on a tiny footprint.

At ruru homes, we do things right, most importantly we do this as a team!



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ruru homes






Traffic Light System - Orange>>> Please see important information how we are going to operate under the new traffic light system - orange - for Client Viewings

viewings __

All viewings are strictly by appointment only.

Please call us to arrange a viewing on  03 528 0043 or email to [email protected]  and provide us with the following:

  • phone number
  • email address
  • your full name

Please read our terms:

  • All viewers who are vaccinated will be kindly asked for proof of their vaccination status at the office and can then view the homes together with Fran, our main sales representative.

    Sales representatives are fully vaccinated, wear a mask at all times, and will keep the minimum distance of 2m, and talk you through the details from outside the homes while you wander through. Please also wear a mask at all times, masks and hand sanitizer are certainly also available onsite anytime.

  • All viewers without a vaccination pass are just as welcome to view our homes. In this case, please also make an appointment via the phone or email, provide all your details, as we’re in this case able to offer scheduled ‘contactless’ viewings in dedicated show homes, which means you are able to view our homes in person, but without company, for 15 minutes in a confined space -  (each tiny home), at a dedicated time.

    Mask wearing is mandatory. Alternatively, we can always offer video viewings. If you are unsure how this can work, please contact us.

By the way:

  • The option of viewing the homes unattended without all the sales blurb Fran is giving you, is available, for obvious fairness reasons, also for the vaccinated!

"We know the pure existence of this post is causing frustration over the overall situation, anxiety, fears, and anger, emotions and opinions and we - as a business and as humans - are not exempt from the overwhelming feeling of uncertainty and worries of unknown times.

Together, with the utmost respect and compassion in all directions, we can make this work, we look forward to being a part of your Tiny Home Journey.

Thank you for your consideration!"

owners ruru homes

Fran, Daniel and the team at ruru homes